Recover Facebook Account Without Email and Phone Number

Recover a Facebook Account Without Phone or Email Step by Step

Recver Facebook Account

Recover Facebook Account Without Email or Phone Number

Welcome To AFG Media Web in this article i will show you some simple steps that how to recover Facebook account without email or phone number to recover your hacked facebook account with that phone number email password and even without otp so what you're going to do you can recover it with computer and also from your phone device.

Step 1:

Facebook Recovery Step 1

First you are going to open your chrome browser and then from there you are going to type in google search accessing and downloading so after that it's going to bring a list of options but you click on the first link which says accessing and downloading your facebook information.

So you continue with chrome so after that during second you will next interface select the second option which says account access troubleshooting or simply Click Here then click on next.

Step 2:

Facebook Recovery Step 2

Then you select next my account has been hacked and that is the first option my account has been hacked and you click next.

Step 3:

Facebook Recovery Step 3

Then from here you select you can secure it by going to the help center so click on that option and still you continue with chrome.

Step 4:

Facebook Recovery Step 4

After that now under hacked and accounts you are going to select the first option it says. I think my facebook account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.

Step 5:

Facebook Recovery Step 5

Then on try guided help you click Get Started now it's going to bring queries that you're going to answer.

Step 6:
Facebook Recovery Step 6

So select the first one someone else gained access to my account that's the first option.

Step 7:

Facebook Recovery Step 7

Then you select No, I can't log.

Step 8:

Facebook Recovery Step 8

After  that because we know it sucked so you can't access those details so simply click on No, I don't have access to the phone number or email address on the account.

Step 9:

Facebook Recovery Step 9

Then after that you click on that link so then click on that option.

Step 10:

Facebook Recovery Step 10

So now select search by your email or you facebook full name and even here the email could have been changed so you search by your name then type your full name so for example for example i'll put this name and then you click search.

Step 11:

Facebook Recovery Step 11

Now it will bring different accounts and it's up to you to identify yours if you don't see using the option you select there select what say.
I Am Not In This List and then it will ask you to enter one of your friends names for you to be able to identify your account.

So after entering your friend's name you click search and then you proceed with the next steps that i'm going to show you but if your account is visible so just select This is My Account on your account and then here you don't know the password.

Step 12:

Facebook Recovery Step 12

Then you click try another way because when the password was changed you click try another way still you continue the chrome and then after that you cannot get the code via sms or even on phone number.
So you click select No longer have access to these? so that's what you're going to select because you cannot access the phone number or email.

Step 13:

Facebook Recovery Step 13

You are now going to enter the new email address that facebook can use for sending you the new code so you're going to enter the new email address that you're able to access at that moment such that facebook will send the new code that you're going to use for resetting your password. After entering the email you click on Continue.

Step 14:

Facebook Recovery Step 14

Now they will send the code there so after that you are going to put your three Facebook friends full name here Facebook will send three codes to your friends you selected here you contact with your friend and ask a code from everyone and put your three codes here. 

But sometimes Facebook will ask for your full name that is on your national id so put your full name that is a new national id and then you upload the id and click send.

So after you've clicked send it will take up to 24 hours facebook will send you the code that you're going to enter into the new login details of your password of your facebook account.
So let me hope this article helps you by recovering your facebook account.

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