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How To Remove ?m=1 From Blogger

How To Remove ?m=1 From Blogger

In this article i will show you full process to remove ?m=1 from Blogger website.

What is Blogger m=1?

In every Blogger website you can see ?m=1 at end of your blogger site URL only in mobile view also if you buy custom domain name for your site you will see it. But it isn't showing in Desktop view.

Is It Possible To Remove m=1?

It's not possible to remove ?m=1 from Blogger but we can easily hide this by JavaScript code.

How To Hide Blogger m=1?

First of all go to your blogger dashboard then click on theme and after that click on Edit HTML you will see your blogger template HTML code simply click anywhere and type CNTRL+F you will see search bar in search type </body> you will see body end tag paste this below code above the body end tag.

Copy and Paste This Code Above The Body End Tag </body>.

Blogger body end tag remove m=1?

Now click on Save HTML code after click on view blog now ?m=1 will not showing in your blogger Mobile view it's will successfuly hide from your Blogger website. Thanks.

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