How To See Other Android Phone Screen on Your Phone Device

How To Connect Two Android Devices Screen

How To See Other Android Phone Screen on Your Phone Device

I'm so excited to show you how you could see anybody's activities on your phone so whatever the other person does you would be able to see that on your phone whether they are on browser.

Whether they are on YouTube other than our  messenger what severe ever you will be able to see their activities by this method i gonna show you in a few steps.

For Example There are Two Phones

1: Smaller Phone

2: Bigger Phone

Screen is exactly what happening on smaller phone so if someone goes to watch a video on YouTube Scrolls down and you will be able to see exactly the same thing on the other phone.

Whether it's a YouTube but there is a messenger whether it's a Gmail of whatever the other person does you will be able to see it on the other phone now if other person opens a video you can see exactly the same video is played on both the camera everything other person does you will be able to see the weather.

The other person is touches you could see exactly the same thing on your phone this is very useful especially if you got a bigger phone.

So if the person goes to Settings tries to change something here whatever they do go to their Gmail go to their Facebook WhatsApp messenger anything they do you will be able to see exactly whatever they do it's  just crazy imagine person goes and tries to do some kind of calculations with your calculator and you can see exactly the same thing and you could say oh okay that's what I want so the first thing we need to do is

Step 1: How To Download App?

Go to the Play Store on both the phones and then type in search InkWire you will see app InkWire Screen + Assist then you install on both the phones this app called InkWire then open the app on both the phones now you can choose which phone you want to share the screen with the other phone let's say we want to share the smaller phone screen with the bigger phone.


Step 2: How To Connect?

So we touch the share in smaller phone then you will get a message saying this app needs permission to draw over other application then you just say ok and you can see the app here select it and then touch to give permission then touch back to go back to the app and then all you do is to start now.

And also asked you to enable microphone to use and if you want use voice enable microphone or if you didn't want voice simply tap no thanks and now you will see the code that the other phone needs to use to access it.


Step 3: Setup InkWire App in Bigger Phone

Now we need to do on other bigger phone touch access and enter this code once you enter the code touch access then you ask you to enable microphone you can say no and now you can see one interesting thing is that you can let the other person know that you're watching the other person's screen is very simple when you move your finger you can see it creates this kind of interesting thing that moves around from this phone to the other phone.

So in this way the person would know whether you are watching so if you touch your screen like that the phone that's sharing the screen could see that something is starting to move on their screen.


How To Disable Screen?

If this person wants to stop sharing their screen they need to bring this top notification down and can see an app running on their phone call inquire if they touch stop.

You will see on the other screen that you were disconnected from the shared screen then touch ok and now the other person doesn't have access the to the smaller phone so when you get the cod access code you can copy share the two devices don't need to be next to each other.

They can be far apart this information is carried over through the internet so it could be that one person is living the United States and the other person is living in the UK and they could still see each other's shared form by both having installed this app and obviously giving permission it is a bit scary stuff I hope now you learn how to use this method to see the screen of other phone users.

But please use this method with integrity and other people's permission this method is not for you to spy on others one of the things that you could use this is for, for example, if you both want to watch a film together you could share your screen this way and watch a film on two different devices at the same time but from one person's account well.

I hope this article useful if it please share this and I hope to see you in my next article thanks for reading.

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